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  • 900.00 ZAR
  • Published date: June 6, 2019
    • Pretoria West, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Can I explain this to you.
Nexus Global is a Bitcoin Mining company. You put your R900/$50 or more you will wait for 21 days and then on the 22nd day you will start earning fragments/small parts of bitcoin every day for a period of 2 years. Should you decide to buy another package before your 2 year contract lapses, the second package will also have its own 2 years.

*Now how do we earn in Nexus Global?*
■ Through the initial investment
□ You invest your R900/$50, wait for 21 days, and start earning fragments of bitcoin for a period of 2 years.
●Your earnings will be affected or will depend on these factors:
1. The price or value of bitcoin that dat
2. The company's performance in the market and
3. How big your package is. If you invest more you will earn more.

■ Through recruitment
> Now remember, this is optional... meaning you choose whether to recruit or not but honestly this is where the money is, this is what we mean by "turn R900 into R10 000 or more every week"
□ You recruit one person, you get 10% of whatever package they are buying
□ You place one person on your left and the other on the right side of your binary tree and they purchase a R900/$50 mining package, you will qualify for binary commissions.
> How does this work?
● Every Monday the company will look at your right and left leg of your binary tree and pay you based on your weaker leg.
°example: Say, your right leg has a value of 5000 and your left is 3000. Based on the above stats you will paid 10% of that 3000($300) on the coming Monday(once off) since it's weaker than 5000.
□ The above mention can be done up until up to the 8th generation but the percentages differ.
□ If you rank you advance your chances of earning through your binary.

No, how does one get to earn every week without skipping a Monday without earning?
■ Through recruiting(sharing the company with others and they decide to invest too) every week.
■ Creating a strong team. Meaning without team work you wont win in this business
■ Through ranking, once you rank Silver, you get paid for just registering someone under you. Just imagine if you rank higher and higher ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

Now let's do a recap
Step 1: Register with nexus and purchase a mining package ($50 or more).
Step 2: Share the company with other when they buy their package you get 10%.
Step 3: Place the other on your right and left leg of your binary tree.
Step 4: Teach them to do step 1-3 and repeat it again and again.
Step 5: After all the steps are done try your best to rank. You will see the power of Nexus????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Thanks for reading this.

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